Case Study: Stand & Bang February 2016

Wells Room

Another fantastic event held at the HG Wells Conference Centre Woking on 27th February 2016.  The Stand & Bang organisers have been booking with HG Wells for a lengthy time and return year after year, with each event guaranteed to entertain all age groups.

The full size ring placed in the Wells Room – gives an overall view of each fight sequence, smackdown and the competive edge. Ultimate energy, excitement, and challenge all under one roof, combined with great dining facilities and refreshments. There was also dining tables around the main ring for guests who had booked corporate away days or just fancied a more inclusive fun night.

An event that proves to be one of the most successful and well attended at HG Wells in the centre of Woking. Showcasing how versatile the conference centre is and can rise to even the ultimate challenge to groups of all ages. The transport links make the venue accessible to all for one of the most enjoyable events hosted.

The evening went really well. Overall the best audience they had, and everything went smoothly for a great afternoon and evening
– Kyle Greaves, Stand & Bang Productions