Case Study: Wells in Woking

Wells In Woking

This year marks 150 years since the birth of H.G. Wells – one of the nation’s greatest science fiction writers and public intellectuals. Here at H.G. Wells Conference & Event Centre we are very excited about the celebrations, ‘Wells in Woking.’ and we are looking forward to being involved in multiple events.

On the weekend of 8th July, before we head down to Party in the Park, we are delighted to be hosting the HG Wells Society International Conference.

H.G. Wells Conference & Event Centre will also be the proud home to all the artwork from the lightbox exhibition, the works will be displayed in our Griffin Room and Ogilvy Room so do take a look next time you are with us.  

Other celebrations for this science fiction heavyweight include talks, guided walks, art projects and themed activities. The story of Wells in Woking is one of inspiration, imagination and success. For more information please visit: