Article: Organising the perfect Christmas Party

The weather has turned colder, the days have grown shorter, and there is Christmas cheer in the air. Stores have started filling their displays with brightly coloured decorations and shiny new toys, and every restaurant you walk past is beckoning to aide you in your Christmas Party needs. This may be a constant reminder that you need to get that event planned, whether it be large or small, for the office or family, it can be a daunting idea to plan an event or party.  We thought we might try to ease the burden by providing 10 tips on throwing a successful event:


  1. Start early: First and most important bit of advice!  Start thinking about your event and be realistic about how much time it might take to put it together properly.

  2. Determine your audience: Do you have a large or small group? Is it mostly adults, children, or families? 

  3. Determine the type of venue that you need: Do you need a large room, or a small intimate setting?  Do you want to have a themed event?  If so, what are the requirements for that theme?

  4. Determine your budget:  Nobody likes to be the voice of reason when you are thinking of fun ideas for Christmas parties, but nobody likes to get the bill at the end either! 

  5. Pick a venue: This will often be a large percentage of your budget, but it is also key to throwing a great event.  You need a place that fits the needs of the size, theme, and setting of your party.  A place like HG Wells!

  6. Determine catering requirements:  Often venues come with their own catering options so determine what type of food options you want, perhaps snacks or a bar or a full 3-course dinner.  When booking at HG Wells you have a vast range of food options to pick from and you can make your choices early so that it is all prepared and ready on the day.  Hassel free!

  7. Determine what props you require: Do you need certain decorations, perhaps pictures or a video to put up on a screen?  Do you want music or a microphone for embarrassing story time?  Do you want the furniture set up in a certain design, perhaps round tables or a podium at the front for speakers?

  8. Market your event:  Make sure that everyone knows when the party is and what the options are for costs and food.  Perhaps create a website or design a decorative pamphlet where people can see the time, date, and other pertinent details.  Make sure it is catchy and keep reminding people! 

  9. Make a timetable:  Create a timetable for your event to keep yourself on track.  Clearly state what time you want to begin, take breaks, eat, have speakers start and finish, or whatever other exciting events you might have planned!

  10. Follow-up: After it is all said and done and you feel like putting your feet up, don’t do it quite yet!  Solicit responses to the event, perhaps send out pictures that were taken during the event.  Make sure you get feedback, either to make yourself feel proud of the job that you have done planning or help with future events to know how to make them better!


It may sound tough, especially when you think about all the other things going on around Christmas, but do not despair because it does not have to be a stressful experience.  Especially when you can lean on the helpful staff here at HG Wells, we can help you each step of the way from picking the right size room, to arranging the furniture properly, to preparing food menus, and whatever other needs you might have!

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