Article: A Day in the Life at H.G. Wells

In case you were ever wondering, “How does it work to have a meeting at H.G. Wells?” or “What accommodations do they offer?”… let me tell you about today, so you can have a better idea.  The NHS booked a conference event with us for today.  They had around 40 people and wanted to have an intimate environment so that people could work together in groups and present comfortably to the rest of the room. 

Yesterday, the Operations Staff put together the Griffin Room for them.  In case you were wondering, our rooms have unusual names because they come from H.G. Wells’ science fiction novels.  He was a famous author who lived in Woking in the late 19th century, during which time he wrote ‘War of the Worlds’.  The Griffin room is one of our medium-sized meeting rooms and it was prepared with four large, round tables so group work could easily be accomplished.  A projector was set up for slides to be presented easily by the client, and large paper easels were provided for the groups to record their findings on. 

This morning we welcomed NHS in early, so that the event organizers would have time to get their things arranged and set up their presentation.  Participants began to arrive around 9 am.  We are conveniently located near the train station, as well as being attached to a car park.  Teas and coffees were served with biscuits to get the morning rolling and the meeting was off to a great start.  As some of the required handouts were forgotten, we were able to offer printing services and made sure the client had what they needed to complete their meeting activities. 

A mid-morning break was welcomed by the participants.  They were served tea and coffee once more and got to stretch their legs.  All in all, it was a very successful three hour conference, with everyone pitching in to make sure the client got what they needed to have a smooth-running event.  This was a slow day here at H.G. Wells, but a successful one.  Now the cups are clattering as they are getting shuffled away to the kitchen and the room is changing in appearance once more to transform into a beautiful reception venue for a wedding ceremony tomorrow.  There is always something exciting going on here!

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