Article: Woking Borough Council Wellness Week

Woking Borough Council recognises that employees play a vital role in its ongoing success within the community of the Borough.  It understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good work life balance to all employees and their families. 

During the last week in September the Council ran their annual Wellness Week for all employees with a range of initiatives and policies to support the health and wellbeing of employees, both at the Council Offices and other sites, including H G Wells.  These initiatives were to encourage employees to eat well, get involved in physical activities and attend health check surgeries.

Delicious healthy fruits were distributed around the offices.  A lunchtime healthy eating session was held in the Griffin Room with representatives from Slimming World attending for a talk and a cookery demonstration.  The Griffin room was an ideal choice for a relaxed and informal setting, and with our modern and well equipped kitchen it was perfect for a Slimming World representative to cook such delicious dishes as Mushroom Risotto and Chicken Piri Piri for staff attending.

The Kemp Room was used for an hour long clubercise session.  The aerobics dance class was open to anyone at Woking Borough Council to attend.  Staff were encouraged to spend their lunch break to burn 500 calories in 1 hour dancing to their favourite club hits in the dark.   Like all nightclubs, the room was in darkness and the sophisticated lighting rig was synchronized with club classic dance music.  All dancers had glow sticks to add to the fun.

There were free health checks for such conditions as osteoporosis, cardiovascular assessments and free male prostate blood tests.

Head and neck massages were available and posture & chair Pilates, which combines flexibility, core strength and body awareness to support physical rehabilitation and improve posture.

As part of the Wellness Week staff were also taught techniques to help cope with the pressures and stresses of modern life and balancing work and life outside work with a Mindfulness Meditation sessions.    A Workplace Choir session was held in the Council Offices Boardroom as studies show that singing in a choir improves your mood, decreases stress and anxiety.

At the end of the week the Wellness Week held a Bootcamp on Wheatsheaf Common and everyone was welcome to pop down for a free trial.

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