Article: Ceroc Surrey

For anyone who loves to dance, or who wants to learn to dance, coming along to Ceroc Surrey monthly freestyle at H G Wells is an absolute MUST!  Ceroc has been a regular event here for well over ten years.

Learning to dance with Ceroc is the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the country.  With Ceroc you will learn all the skills anyone needs to know to enjoy dance.  Ceroc’s teaching method makes learning easy, sociable and fun.

H G Wells is widely considered to be one of the best venues in Surrey for Ceroc’s monthly freestyle classes.  With our wooden sprung dance floor, high ceilings, air cooling system, licenced bar and capacity for 200 plus people it is the perfect venue to dance the night away.  There is also plenty of parking available at just £1.40 after 7pm. 

Ceroc caters for a range of different ability levels, from nervous first timer to dance floor master.  Whether you turn up alone, with a partner or in a group, you will get the opportunity to dance with scores of others.

The DJ has full use of our powerful sound system; a comprehensive sound system with four separately controllable speaker systems giving superb sound.  He plays a selection of contemporary tracks and also plays homage to the classics.   The music contributes to a great atmosphere and a packed floor all evening.   A fully programmable Avolite lighting desk to manage the vast array of lighting, from moving lights to disco lighting and wall colour washes, it gives stunning lighting.

For dates of Ceroc Surrey monthly Freestyle at H G Wells Conference & Events Centre please call our friendly team on 01483 712710 or visit