Live Stream your Conference

Take your conference to the next level by reaching a wider audience and engage with your online viewers. Here at H.G. Wells we recognise the importance of not only engaging with your audience but also being transparent, accessible and accountable for your business. Live streaming your event through Webcasting can help you achieve this in a professional stress free way.

What is Webcasting?

Webcasting is a presentation that is distributed over the internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous viewers. These viewers might include your colleagues based in alternative locations around the globe or perhaps your clients. Webcasting is regularly used to stream presentations and conferences as well as e-learning and to transmit seminars.  Webcasting can be distributed live or on demand and creates a permanent and complete digital record of your event.

Benefits of Webcasting

  • Webcasting saves time and resources for your events

  • Webcasting gives you secure online archives that can help you become paperless

  • Webcasting enables your budget to go further by delegates being able to attend the event virtually

  • Webcasting creates a permanent digital record

  • Webcasting reduces the risk of being captured out of context and increases trust in the decision making process.

Webcasting Logistics

H.G. Wells offers webcasting facilities in either the Wells Room or the Kemp Room but these can not be run simultaneously.

A technician will be required to run your webcasting session

You have the choice to view the whole meeting or just the presentation

Webcasting Rates

4 hour webcasting hire: £250+ vat

8 hour webcasting hire: £500 + vat

Additional hours: £85+ vat

Technician half day fee (6 hours): £175+ vat

Technician full day fee (10 hours): £275+ vat

For more information about Webcasting or to book this service for your event please speak with our Sales Team


Take your conference to the next level by reaching a wider audience and engage with your online viewers

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