Free Wifi
H.G. Wells have partnered with ArcomIT to provide free WiFi throughout the venue. Each room is connected to a 50mbs broadband service and we have established that up to 300 devices can be connected at any one time.

Wired Connection in every room
While WiFi is great for mobile phones and tablets, it can still be unreliable for more complex broadband requirements. We have thus introduced a free wired connection in each of our meeting rooms providing 10mbs of dedicated broadband connectivity.

The Large Pipe!
If 10mbs is not adequate for your needs, we can also (with 24hrs notice) provide speeds between 50mbs and 100mbs. That in essence will be fast enough to handle any virtual conference, webcast or skype group call.

The cost for providing 50 - 100mbs wired internet connection is £100.00 plus VAT per day.

Our Spaces

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